Covid-19 Temporary Closure

Our site staff cannot always follow safe work practices under current guidelines with respect to Covid-19. Some of our staff are self-isolating for precautionary medical reasons, as per HSE guidance.

As a consequence, we are closing all sites with effect from this Friday 27th March for two weeks. In addition, in accordance with CIF holidays, all sites will remain closed during week commencing 13th April, Easter Week. This effectively results in a return to site on Monday 20th April. All of our sites will cease production as of C.O.B. Friday 27th March 2020.

We will make an exception to the above where we are involved with essential projects that enable essential services including emergency health facilities, sewerage, electricity, power, data and water, all critical to society. We will also be in contact with upcoming projects to agree timelines for confirmed projects. We will do our best to mitigate any delays to projects but note there will be some unavoidable delays.

Our management team, accounts department and engineers will continue to work from home during this period and can be contacted in the usual manner.